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Planetary Series Posters

Planetary Series Posters

The first in a series of planetary collages designed and crafted by me, highlights the Saturnian giant and wonder of our solar system, Saturn.


Saturn is the sixth planet in our solar system and is commonly given the nickname 'The Lord of the Rings' with its stunning ring system that can stretch as high as 3km in height.


Saturn is approximately nine and a half times larger than our own planet but is one of the most beautiful when seen through even the smallest of telescopes. I remember the first time I looked at Saturn through my little reflector telescope. It is a stunning sight to behold.


Saturn was one of the gas giants to be discovered by Galileo Galilei in 1610 using a small refractor telescope of his own design. In the same year, he also discovered Jupiter, the second and last of the gas giants in our solar system.


This is a Hi-Res digital download to allow you to take the file and get it printed by your favourite printer. The Hi-res file would print best at a resolution of 300dpi at the largest size of A3.


The artwork is supplied at 12in x 12in @300dpi. As this is a digital download, you will need to supply your own frame, mount, etc.


This is an unsigned digital file. The file is a Hi-res JPEG.


Please do not print it larger than the stated size; otherwise, it will look blurry when printed. If you would like a larger size, please contact me.

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