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Case Bound, Moon Book

Case Bound, Moon Book

Welcome to this beautifully printed voyage of discovery of our closest ball of grey rock – The Moon.


See our moon, and some of her less well-known craters, shown in a way that I can guarantee will have never been seen before.


My moon book boasts quotes from amateur astronomers and astrophotographers from all over the globe (sorry flat earthers), explaining why they have a love-hate relationship with our moon, shown beside one of their favourite images that they have captured of our rocky neighbour.


My moon book has been lovingly crafted and curated so that these less well-known crater names, when paired together, form a funny phrase or saying. Of course, you might even spit out your coffee at one or two of them, so be careful!


This stunning case bound book contains 100 pages of moon and crater facts, an easy to follow comparison guide, and a galaxy of amateur astrophotographer's images of our closest neighbour, all in stunning full colour. There are even some gorgeous images from the archives.


As a bonus, my book has a wonderfully detailed moon image from one of these astrophotographers, in stunning detail, displayed over 4 glorious pages.


The wonderful full-colour images from