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  • How long will my delivery take?
    In the UK, the delivery should take up to seven days to get to you. The deliveries may take longer internationally, depending on where you live. Australia and the US might be up to 2 weeks. So sorry, but I can give the postie a wee kick up the bum, if you like.
  • Can I return my book?
    If, for whatever un-Godly reason, you don't like the fact that over twenty amateur astronomers have allowed me to use their images. And given me the time of day to provide a quote, and that I have spent the last four months collating and researching and sweating blood and tears, then sure, you can return the book. But I will presume that it has not been opened and used and is dog eared, coffee-stained and has ripped pages in the centrefold! I will also assume you have a ticking rock for a heart and have recently had a sense of humour bypass. But sure, if you must, please return it in its original packaging and silver bubble bag. :-)
  • Can I share the book and copy it?
    NO! If you do, I will hunt you down. I have the pages tagged with the latest military tech. OK, I don't, but please be kind and don't copy it. You can, of course, share it on social media that you have bought this humble book. That way, you may spread the good word about astronomy and astrophotography and how we all spend hours on end, in the cold, sitting on our arses (probably ending up with piles) to get these stunning quality images. All this, just so we can share them far and wide, with flat earthers and people who want to find out more.
  • Are you going to spam me with emails?
    Nope. I hate that, so I won't ever do that to you. You might get the odd one every 6 months with pics of me setting up my telescope or something, and maybe if I self-publish a new book. Although, after this one, I really doubt it. It took me fucking ages. ;-)
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